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It has been worn by the likes of Princess Diana, Nancy and Frank Sinatra, Angelina Jolie, and more recently Kylie Jenner (she wears five!) But, apart from a spare scattering of slotted screw head etchings, the design is simple. So how Did Cartier's Love bracelet win over so many hearts?The Love collection first hit the scene in 1969. It was the brainchild of Cartier’s late Italian jewellery designer, Aldo Cipullo, who took inspiration from chastity belts, of all things. He was interested in the idea of making a semi-permanent symbol of love for romantic partners. His design could only be removed using a mini screwdriver, which the partner would then keep, potentially dangling from a chain. In the first few years, Cartier only allowed the bracelets to be bought as a gift and not for oneself. Cartier presented the bracelets to a few iconic names of the time, and soon it became a symbol of commitment almost on a par with the diamond engagement ring. It became so widespread that it’s rumoured some New York hospitals keep Cartier screwdrivers for if bracelets need to be removed in emergencies. Cartier soon scrapped the idea of only buying the Love collection as a gift, but the power of the bracelet lived on. There are even current versions that are removable without a screwdriver, which possibly has something to do with the number of Cartier Love-related issues at airport security. Nowadays the Love bracelet comes in white, yellow and pink gold, with or without a selection of gemstones. The collection also includes the Love ring, necklace and earrings. The design hasn't changed, and simplicity and symbolism are still a winning recipe. The Love collection is now recognised as the most successful jewellery Cartier ever made, which puts it high amongst the most iconic jewellery money can buy. Now that we’ve told you literally everyone wants to own at least one of these bracelets, you’ll not be able to stop noticing them. From those who love minimal outfits (pictured top right) to the more eclectic mix of patterns (top left), there’s proof that any kind of ensemble will work with the jewellery.

10/11/2019 18:18