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Different locations reflect different values

A lad who was deeply distressed and asked his teacher and said felt anything can be done, stupid and stupid. What should he do. His teacher asked him for help to the xafs to sell his necklace, sell a good price, the minimum can not be less than a gold coin. Young took the cheap van cleef & arpels necklace and left. To a fair, he pulled out a necklace to see people go to the xafs. People around the point of view, and when the young man say the necklace after the price was laughed at him, some say he was crazy, only an old man out of his good physical and psychological explanation, a gold coin is so valuable, so for a change necklaces is so not worth it. Some people like to use a number of silver and bronze worthless to change the necklace, but the young people remember the teacher told, refused. Young rode bitterly. He was dismayed to teacher said:. "I'm sorry, I did not change to a gold coin that you might want to change two or three silver coins," "Young man," the teacher smiled and said, "First, we should know this the real value of necklaces you again riding to the van cleef & arpels jewelry replica, and tell him I want to sell the necklace and ask him how much money to give, but no matter what he says, you do not want to sell, with the necklace back. " Young people came to jeweler, jewelers in the light with a magnifying glass to check necklace, said: "Young man, tell your teacher, if he wanted to sell, and that I gave him 58 gold coins." "58 gold coins? "Young man could not believe his ears. "Yes ah, I know, if then, etc., may be sold for 70 coins. But I do not know your teacher is not racing to sell," the jeweler said. Young people very excited to go to the teacher's home, the Van cleef & arpels jewelry replica then tell the teacher. Hear the teacher, he said: ".. Boy, you like this necklace, a unique in the world, priceless jewels, however, only a real connoisseur to discover your worth."

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